Saturday, February 2, 2013

Tabata Fridays

Yesterdays workout included Tabata Squats, Pushups, Situps and Squat Thrusts.  8 Rounds each.

Very painful.

Thursday was 21-15-9 Burps (bottom half of a burpee)-Situps-Squats, 400m run before each round, and at the end of the last round (17min?)

Tomorrow its all about goin heavy, and I cant wait.  I also decided to jump back on MyFitnessPal to track what I eat, especially concerning Macros, and try to keep me on the "eating clean" bandwagon ESPECIALLY now that my wife is thinking about Paleo diet.

I should also note that I've had almost an entire gallon of water today and still aint pissing clear, which leds me to deduce that I wasn't doing my due diligence at drinking my water.

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