Friday, September 16, 2011


Its been awhile since I've posted.  I've gone back to working 15-16 hour shifts so time gets away from me these days.

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I was approaching the illustrious Air Force PFT.  For the last 8 years we've taken this test I've scored 75-76 points with the occasional 71 (75 being the Minimum Passing Score).  My waist always measured 39-40 inches.  There were 2 things that I believed to be concrete fact:  1. I would never have a waist smaller than 36".  2. I would never be able to score more than 80 points.

The last time I took the test I failed with a 71.  The next day I left for a deployment.  Needless to say I had a plan to improve that score and get an 80 an that would "wow" everybody, because again, an 80 is the best I could do...right?  Starting the deployment I did the same stuff, run a lot, situps, mess around in the gym...whatever.  Then I started looking into this CrossFit thing.  It looked interesting enough and the videos were fairly motivating so I checked around on the message boards.

After looking around I started changing the diet, and using more barbell movements eventually building up my squat and deadlift to decent standards.  I dropped 30 pounds before returning back to Albuquerque, where I continued to eat better and hit the gym like that shit was going out of style.

Well, I just took my test and my waist was 35"!!  I finished the test with a 90.9%, which gave me an excellent rating!  Needless to say I no longer believe that I have a limit for performance.  I now believe that I can do any thing I want to do...doubt is a thing of the past.

Anyway...time to squat.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Back on the Grind

Been a week since I've updated.  I've been hitting the workouts in varying degrees of intensity trying to get ready to kick at least an 80 on this PT bitch.  Today was my first CF Benchmark WOD in awhile.  I did "Grace" (30 C&J for time RX=135#), I used 115# because I'm not comfortable yet putting that much weight overhead rapidly in a crowded gym, but maybe next time if there's less traffic.  Either way I did 8:55 at 115#.

Yesterday was a 400m Run/5 Tire flips for 4 rounds.  The last round was max flips and I got to about 7-8 before I was ready to die.  I made that one up and might increase it to 10 flips/round as I progress.

The two days preceding that were laziness, partly because it was the weekend and partly because Cullen didn't want to play soccer....

I like the equipment in the gym here but I have yet to find a time when it isn't incredibly busy and its getting frustrating, I'll have to check out the West Gym during daytime to see how crowded it is, but I cant imagine it will be a whole lot better.

I had a ton of stuff going on today, I had to get new tactical gear and papers to go back to work this weekend after a month and a half off work.  New body armor (looks sharp) and some other new crap.  Not sure how exited I am about going back to work.  1. I have no clue WTF I'm doing in Security (I'm a LE troop w/deployment experience/no Physical Security) and 2. Its the start of a huge security inspection. (...fml)  I'll just have to hit the ground running, learn as much as I can, as quick as I can, and be the best f**kin NCO that I can be.  (and maybe one day I'll get to move somewhere

So..Gear (check), Licenses(check), Motivated (check), transportation(...ah shit)

Wish me luck...