Wednesday, June 13, 2012

New Things

Today was interesting.  I was sore all over from previous days workouts but I know I wont be doing anything over the weekend. (3x15-17 hour shifts) So I figured I would try a couple new things and see how it goes.  First I warmed up the old Deadlift to 315x5 and tried out some 315 Deadlift Carries.

These are fairly simple; simply do a deadlift, then walk a distance carrying the weight, easy enough right?  

I liked these, it was something like poor-mans Yoke walks.  (I'll have a Yoke one day)

Next up was Zuercher (spelling?) squats.  These are the ones where the bar is held in the pit of your elbow...I have a feeling this will be felt in the abdominal region tomorrow!

I also threw in some tire flips and farmers walks for good measure...

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sandbagging in a Good Way

60 Pounder
Finally got around to building my own sandbag this morning.  I was cruising around the interwebz last night and checking out ITS Tactical when I came across a sandbag building article written by Jake Saenz.  Jake is the owner of Atomic Athlete, and a partner gym of Military Athlete.  These guys specialize in make war-fighters harder to kill...basically.

The article was the easiest I've found involving the construction of a homemade sand bag using my green canvas bag from basic training.  20$ worth of rubber mulch from Home Depot and I was done.

ITS Sandbag Training/Building Article

So I got mine up to the recommended starting weight of ~60 Pounds.  Afterwards I decided to test it out with 10x100m sprints (50m out/50m back), with about a minute rest between.  Fairly brutal way to start it out.

Later this evening I'll get into some of the other movements and see where I stand with them.  A whole laundry list of shit to do with a bag can be found in the previously linked article, and a video to boot.

If you're also interested in other knowledge of tactical shit, self preservation and general usefullness I recommended browsing around ITS Tactical and maybe even picking up a Crew Leader membership.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Getting back at it.

Obviously its been awhile since I've kept up with my own blog.  Trying to keep up the training, summer's here which means it close to PT testing time again and I probably should step up the conditioning a bit.  Where I live there should be no problem finding stuff to do to get the heart rate up.  Lots of trails to run, outdoorsy shit to do, good stuff like that.

Got a little strength in this morning.  Didn't hit it too hard though, the weekend was long hours, little sleep and two days of the flu that I'm still recovering from.  Gonna do some conditioning tonight with some running with/without heavy objects being carried, some body weight stuff, etc..

I'll try to keep this thing better updated, especially now that I have followers. (2 to be exact).

See you out there...