Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sandbagging in a Good Way

60 Pounder
Finally got around to building my own sandbag this morning.  I was cruising around the interwebz last night and checking out ITS Tactical when I came across a sandbag building article written by Jake Saenz.  Jake is the owner of Atomic Athlete, and a partner gym of Military Athlete.  These guys specialize in make war-fighters harder to kill...basically.

The article was the easiest I've found involving the construction of a homemade sand bag using my green canvas bag from basic training.  20$ worth of rubber mulch from Home Depot and I was done.

ITS Sandbag Training/Building Article

So I got mine up to the recommended starting weight of ~60 Pounds.  Afterwards I decided to test it out with 10x100m sprints (50m out/50m back), with about a minute rest between.  Fairly brutal way to start it out.

Later this evening I'll get into some of the other movements and see where I stand with them.  A whole laundry list of shit to do with a bag can be found in the previously linked article, and a video to boot.

If you're also interested in other knowledge of tactical shit, self preservation and general usefullness I recommended browsing around ITS Tactical and maybe even picking up a Crew Leader membership.

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