Wednesday, June 13, 2012

New Things

Today was interesting.  I was sore all over from previous days workouts but I know I wont be doing anything over the weekend. (3x15-17 hour shifts) So I figured I would try a couple new things and see how it goes.  First I warmed up the old Deadlift to 315x5 and tried out some 315 Deadlift Carries.

These are fairly simple; simply do a deadlift, then walk a distance carrying the weight, easy enough right?  

I liked these, it was something like poor-mans Yoke walks.  (I'll have a Yoke one day)

Next up was Zuercher (spelling?) squats.  These are the ones where the bar is held in the pit of your elbow...I have a feeling this will be felt in the abdominal region tomorrow!

I also threw in some tire flips and farmers walks for good measure...

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