Tuesday, February 5, 2013

In sight...

Talking bout that finish line, only a week and a half left in the Academy, test tomorrow, not worried. 

No class PT today so I headed over to the LTA Gym (Medina) for some work.

2000m row 8:18.8 (weak sauce)

I remember when I hit the 7:50, I'll get there again with some dedication to rowing.

Warmed up with HPC @ 135# - 155# x 5

There's nothing wrong with a good snatch(pull)

Snatch Pull Triples up to 245

Messed around in the "lifting" area on the incline doin 135 5x5 (for no real reason other than I didn't feel like leaving and the rack was full of assholes reverse curling)

I seriously detest curling in the rack.

My post-workout meal, AKA dinner, was less than ideal.  Cabana bowl (no shell/rice/bean) with Fajita beef, lettuce, pico, cheese, and Sour cream.  I also stopped by the DFAC for some extra chicken breast to bump up the protein count for the day.  Could have made a wiser choice and just got a shake, they were probably the worst cooked chicken breasts in history, like jerky.  I busted out the fancy salami from Trader Joes just to add some moisture to the chicken so it could be eaten.  Needless to say I can't wait to be home and be able to cook again.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Dirty Thirty - Their Way

Todays WOD - AMRAP 15 Min

Squat x30
Push up x30
Mountain Climber x30 (each leg)
Situp x30
Lunge x30 (each leg)
Burp x30
Squat Thrust x30

Result: 1 round plus 30 squats.

Pushups are my weakness when they are Chest2Floor so it was slow getting through those and slow through the "Burps" (Push up/Thrust combo)

At least I didn't have to put the blue suit back on after sweating like a champ...

I do make that shit look good though...could use a haircut...

The class calls these my Ninja Turtle shoes.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Why not.

As in why not do everything.
Bench 3x5 @190#
Squat 6x2 @ 275#
Dead lift 405# x1
Hang Power Clean 5x4 @ 135#

Energy was low as I didn't have breakfast, not for lack of trying. But I made up for it at lunch with some Smash Burger Paleo-ish Smash Hash.

Ive been tracking food on My Fitness Pal lately.  Its decent, although I'm not a huge fan of it not counting strength as burning calories...  Tracks my macros either way.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Tabata Fridays

Yesterdays workout included Tabata Squats, Pushups, Situps and Squat Thrusts.  8 Rounds each.

Very painful.

Thursday was 21-15-9 Burps (bottom half of a burpee)-Situps-Squats, 400m run before each round, and at the end of the last round (17min?)

Tomorrow its all about goin heavy, and I cant wait.  I also decided to jump back on MyFitnessPal to track what I eat, especially concerning Macros, and try to keep me on the "eating clean" bandwagon ESPECIALLY now that my wife is thinking about Paleo diet.

I should also note that I've had almost an entire gallon of water today and still aint pissing clear, which leds me to deduce that I wasn't doing my due diligence at drinking my water.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My Legs are Gonna be HURTING Tomorrow

Todays WOD, brought to you by the wonderful guys at the Non Commisioned Officer's Academy,

25 lunges per leg (in place)

Made 4 rounds and half a lap.  That a mile and some change with 100 lunges per leg...its gonna be a big bag of suck tomorrow!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Snatch Pulls/Deadlifts

5:00 row/PC Warmup

Snatch Pulls x3 up to 235# for 2 sets followed by 3-3-3-3  Deadlifts at 315#

OHP 115 3x5, cleaned from the floor.
Push Press 5x3, cleaned

That gym is legit.  I'd love to type a bunch more shit but I gots papers to write SON!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Pyramid for Time and Lumberjack 20


Pyramid for Time

400m run
400m run

18 min cap - completed in 13, repeated WOD until 18 min expires


Lumberjack 20

Mountain Climber x 20(p/leg)
Burp x 20
Squat Thrust x 20
Situp x 20
Burpee x 20

Should have a 20 min cap but instructer dropped ball and stopped at 18, got to the 12th burpee, expressed my dissatisfaction in my special way.

Took Saturday off to write another paper, do some strength work tomorrow along with 2 more papers...

I feel like I need a paper writing recovery day.