Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Death by Tire Flips

The stay at home workout today. Recently I had to sell my stands, barbell and weights, but I managed to retain my big ass tire (not that I can really transport the behemoth anywhere), my sledge, sand bag, and various other implements.

I revisited the Death by Tire Flips workout I discovered on StrongmanWOD last year. So with this tire (well over 600#) i can get up to five on each round, which made for a total of 30 flips. After the flips I completed what I will call a medley, for lack of a better word, of sledge hits, 2pood one-arm swings, and parallete pushups for 15 minutes.

 No real rep scheme, just do something until you can't anymore and then do something else. When I was finished I could barely hold on to my cup of water. So my arms are bruised from flips and my shoulders, traps, and forearms are sore as shit!

 I feel fuckin awesome!

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