Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Train Test Train

Took my 3rd test for E6 today... I feel good about it, hopefully my positive thinking will pay off this year and I'll promote.  Easy to say I would rather be a peer of certain people, than a subordinate...

And todays training...

Press 3x5
115# x 4 (5th fail)
110# 3x5 (dropped 5#, will return to 115# next week)
Shrugs 135# 3x10
Dips 3x10
T-Bar Rows 100# 5-6-6
28" Box Jump 4x5 (Just for Kicks)

I really want to see increase in my overhead strength so I'll do my best to stay on LP for press, as well as my other areas where LP will still produce gains (squat/bench).

PS:  Today was National Taco Day!  I shoulda took a pic of the illest tacos in ABQ.  El Paisa on Bridge/La Vega Ave, South Valley...the Al Pastor is LEGIT!

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