Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Training, 2 weeks from the infamous PFT

Been a few days since I've written in this blog.  It looks like I'm getting more and more views.  I guess that mean I need to step up my game and make some interesting posts!

Lets get into training over the last few days.

Sunday - Rest.  I try to keep a 3-1 workout schedule as best I can.

Monday - Morning hike (fasted), 2 miles in the Sandia Natl Forrest, took a few pics while I was out, I'll get them posted as soon as I find that sneaky camera cable.  Nothing to crazy, just a good quick hike, with a little climbing in the middle.  Monday night, Back squats, 3x5.  Warmed up to 3 sets of 5 at 235#.  Definitely felt the soreness in the glutes/hams/lower back the next day.  Followed up with 10-9-8 Dips and 3-2-2 pullups, a few medball pushups.

Tuesday - No metcon or anything today, just a full day of chores around the house.  Evening workout was 5-5-5-5 push press, 115-125-130-135.  I warmed up with 54# KB swings/cleans/push presses and Front squats.  Finished off with10-9-9 dips.  Really working those dips back into the program after dropping strength in my shoulders.  Trying to get more weight overhead, more often.

In the wisdom of Rob Orlando, take something heavy and put it over your head everyday.  Tomorrow will be a more intensive workout; could see some sprints or 400m repeats, tire flips, and pullups.  Most likely will be a combination of the three seeing that Thursday is a rest day.

I've been pondering an outlet for this training, to give me some other goal besides being less fat or passing the (stupid as hell) AF PT Test.  I really really really want to play rugby...really, but there is no intramural rugby here on base and nothing too close off base, softball season is next spring, so its looking like soccer, or flag football (meh...).  Or I'll just keep playing soccer with my kid, its fun enough, until someone starts up a rugby league.

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