Friday, August 19, 2011

Pressing, Striking and Soccer...

Got into the gym today around 1030 in the AM, trying to experiment with different time to see what the crowd looks like.  Apparently the 1030 crowd is the retiree time frame.  I'm talking a serious crowd of seasoned individuals.  The plus side is that the usual "Broz" are at work.

It has been a few weeks since I did a strict press workout so I thought I would go ahead and take care of that today, my last 3x5 was at 115 and my 1RM was 135. after warming up I had 110# on the bar and it felt like a good weight to stick with. At 110# I was able to get 5-4-3 reps, so a few failed reps there.  I'll keep that weight for next week and try to warm up a little better.  Once I hit 5-5-5 I'll move it up 5# every week as usual.

After the press I headed over to the dip stand and went through 3 sets withe 8-7-6 reps.  Got a little weaker on those as well so i need to play them in a little more.  I was doing them about 2-3 times a week before, maybe I need to go back to that.

Moving on, I picked up a set of grappling gloves today from the local Sports Authority.  I've been wanting to do striking workouts for cardio for awhile but never got around to securing the gear for it.  I went through some sets of combos, kicks, threw in some pushups, squats and makeshift GHD situps.  Just did a whole lot of punching on the heavy bag.  My shoulders were SMOKED after the workout, but its pretty fun, and stress relieving.

Fast forward to 1745.  Took my 7 year old out to the field because he wanted to practice soccer, and I wanted to get in another workout before dinner. We did some dribbling and passing up and down the field, sprint "races", dribbling through cones, some pullups on the bars nearby and he even asked me to flip the big ass tire a couple times.  Pretty good workout for daddy!

It reminded me of a post I read on another blog where they mentioned that when we were kids we ate whatever we wanted and just burned it all off playing outside, sprint around with our friends, hide and seek, tag all that kid stuff.  Did we jog when we were 7?  Hell no!  They used as evidence to point out that Interval work at a high intensity burns fat faster that LSD runs and slooooow cardio,  and I'm pretty sure he's right. (he also isn't the first person to mention this)

More soccer practice tomorrow!

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