Thursday, August 18, 2011

Back Squats and a BFT

Made it in today!  I hate going to the gym when its crowded and theres not much space.  Fortunately, due to the lack of folks that like to squat (for whatever reason), the squat rack was open. So I started with back squats:

45# 2x5
95# 1x5
115# 1x4
155# 1x3
185# 1x2
225# 3x5

Its been a few weeks since I've squatted so it was a little harder this time than usual, I still keep making the 5# jumps on the back squat so I can progress in a "linear" fashion.

Moving on...I wanted to throw in some kettlebell work today because its another "tool for the toolbox" and one that I especially like to tinker with.

1.5pd (24kilo) KB Snatch
3x20 (10 per arm)
I want to be able to complete the US Secret Service Snatch Test at some point in time. (AMRAP 24k snatches in 10 min), so I'll keep working these movements into my workouts as necessary.  The KB Turkish Get Up is another goat of mine that I need to work out.

Finished it off with 20 tire flips out by the softball field.  Still working on the actual weight of the tire but it looks to be in the vicinity of 700#..

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