Saturday, August 20, 2011

Cleaning out my closet...

Today's a good day,  took the kid out to the park again for some more "soccer practice".  Its generally a good time.  I think I need to get me some soccer cleats and see when the intramural season is.  I would rather play Rugby but they haven't shown that on the sports schedule, the cleats are the same either way.  Knocked out a few fat bar pullups on the soccer goal as well.


This afternoon I've been going through my clothes to get rid of them for two reasons; 1. We have too many friggin clothes and not a ton of space! 2. I've lost 30 pounds so far that I DONT want back so there's no need to save all this XXL, XXXL and Base Flag size clothing!  We're gonna give most of it away so there is a charitable value there as well.  Going through them makes me chuckle a little.  I remember all the excuses I used to give myself.  For a bigger guy I had a pretty good self image, which is of course, a good thing.  But after looking at "old" (6-7 months) pictures of myself I realize that I was waaayyyyy too big!  Another thing is that most people don't realize the MANY options they have for clothing below the XXL size.  The decrease in options from XL to XXL is incredible, somewhat unfair for the big boys, but damn it feels good to be a single X guy again.  I'm a naturally big person so the likelihood of me going down to a large is slim, even if I lean out all the way, which is obviously a goal, I'll still be an XL. (a damn good looking one at that :D)

I hope all these big ass clothes find a better home and someone who needs them gets them.  Dont worry about me, I still have PLENTY of clothes to, If you know me, you know I can shop.

A little difference in size in 6 months

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