Friday, August 26, 2011

The Friday Report

Its the end of another productive week, well...productive in the personal sense, I haven't worked in a month and still have two weeks of leave.

Either way, had two pretty decent workouts over the last two days:

- Back Squat building up to 3 sets of 5 reps with 230# on the bar, that's always a good time, squats are an all around good workout any day of the week, especially heavy.
- Several rounds of 28 or 30" box jumps x 5 reps, coupled with med ball pushups x 5-7 reps.  I really should figure out how tall that plyo box is.
- Finished with sprints across the football field.  Google Earth shows it at 100 yards post-post, ran 8 sprints.  Last sprint was 16.29sec.  Normally I run 100x10 but my mode of transportation was bicycle so I had to leave a little in the tank.

Today (Friday)

- Push Press worked up to 3 sets/5 5reps at #115.  So this is supposed to be strict press but I seem to have neglected overhead lifting for a few weeks leaving my shoulder girdle (as Bill Starr would call it) weak.
- Dips 3 sets to max.  Making my reps 10-9-8
- Bag work, ~20mins
-15 Tire flips, I think if I had my own tire at home I would probably overtrain from flipping it so much, just love doing it.

So, my take-away from today is that I need to stop neglecting overhead movements, and include dips in the end of every workout, just like pullups.

I'm also 2 days into this Intermittent Fasting thing, so still getting used to it but its pretty easy to follow, I can still have morning coffee (or Red Bull, sugar free) and BCAAs prior to any fasted training.

Getting ready to watch some fights this weekend.  UFC in Rio should be awesome, hopefully it lives up to the natural hype of having a premier fight card in Brazil.  I'm rooting for the "away team" on the majority of the fights,  I would love to see a belt return to Japan.  There are also some free (for me) Shooto fights on DirectTV tonight which could be entertaining.

I also need to start taking more pics to make this blog somewhat entertaining.

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