Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A day off.

Today was a rest day.  Not really a planned one but my wife got the chance to pull a few more hours so she took it.  More money is never really a bad thing.  This put me on Daddy Duty when I would otherwise be visiting Mr Barbell.

Yesterday's workout I never got a chance to post but it included One Arm KB swings at 1.5 pood, KB Clean/Press, 2 Pood Clean/Press and double 1 pood cleans/front squats.  Also knocked out a few BB front squats but couldn't get up to my current best so I called it good and finished up with about a 4 mile bike ride.

I've been giving a lot of thought to my diet and while I currently eat a well-balanced diet (mostly clean, avoiding grains, artificial anything, and drinking mostly water)  I'm gonna give Intermittent Fasting (IF) a try.  Simply put, you fast for 16 hours and eat for 8.  Keeping the same quality/quantity principles as you would if you were eating 3 well balanced meals all day.  You just don't eat between say 8pm and 12pm.  There are other methods to add such as putting the majority of carbs pre and post workout, which is just smart anyway.  So I'll give this a shot and see how well it works for about a month and report back.  More info can be found at, a fairly well put together site.

Otherwise its just a regular old day, I'm going back and forth on what strength component I'll work tomorrow but I have a feeling that Back Squats are going to be the winner over deadlifts, as I am a little weaker in the squat than I am in the DL...and everyone can benefit from squatting more.

I also weighed in today at 203, I'm not sure how I will celebrate weighing less than 200 for the first time since AF Basic Training, but if it happens before the next UFC card I'll probably celebrate with a beer (just 1) and some good shitty bar food I haven't enjoyed in awhile, all while enjoying UFC without the 65$ fee on Direct TV.  200 is my goal weight at the moment, I may update it to 190 once I hit 200, who knows....we'll just have to see.

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