Tuesday, February 5, 2013

In sight...

Talking bout that finish line, only a week and a half left in the Academy, test tomorrow, not worried. 

No class PT today so I headed over to the LTA Gym (Medina) for some work.

2000m row 8:18.8 (weak sauce)

I remember when I hit the 7:50, I'll get there again with some dedication to rowing.

Warmed up with HPC @ 135# - 155# x 5

There's nothing wrong with a good snatch(pull)

Snatch Pull Triples up to 245

Messed around in the "lifting" area on the incline doin 135 5x5 (for no real reason other than I didn't feel like leaving and the rack was full of assholes reverse curling)

I seriously detest curling in the rack.

My post-workout meal, AKA dinner, was less than ideal.  Cabana bowl (no shell/rice/bean) with Fajita beef, lettuce, pico, cheese, and Sour cream.  I also stopped by the DFAC for some extra chicken breast to bump up the protein count for the day.  Could have made a wiser choice and just got a shake, they were probably the worst cooked chicken breasts in history, like jerky.  I busted out the fancy salami from Trader Joes just to add some moisture to the chicken so it could be eaten.  Needless to say I can't wait to be home and be able to cook again.

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