Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The PR that never was...

Got in the gym today nice and early, which is like 8am.  Thats early for a workout ok!  I'm not waking up at 3am to lift, I have to do that shit on work days...damn all that.

I was there to squat...and squat I did not.  Somehow I loaded a bar for deadlifting, not thinking about it, so I went ahead with that.  Warmed up...135 x5....225x5...315x5...365x1...405x1...Now that went up real smooth.  I felt good for a PR, last PR was 415.  Loaded up 420...closed the lever, gripped....big belly of air..pulled it to about 5 inches...and that was as far as it was goin!  Oh time I'll get it.

After that I dropped it to 315 and did 3x10 "power" shrugs (regular grip, clean grip, snatch grip)

Finished with 100# per hand Farmers walk up and down the BB court until the PT Testers showed up.

SO I guess I'll Squat/Press tomorrow before a wonderful 3 day work weekend.

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