Thursday, August 2, 2012

Atlanta - Gettin it in Southern Style

Back from Atlanta.  What an awesome place!  I spent my kids birthday at Six Flags White Water, it was awesome and well worth the money.  I had Cheesecake Factory twice, and don't judge me.  I had a Kobe Burger and then went back for Fish Tacos, never had any Cheesecake though.  I had enough deserts with my son's cake (Coldstone Creamery Ice Cream Cake).  Hit up the World of Coca-Cola, pretty interesting stuff.

I was able to get in a workout early in the trip.  I found a small gym nears my Mother's that had a rack and was able to knock out 5x5 Squats @ 245# and 3x5 Press @ 115#.  Other than that I go no workouts in.  Basically, I had a full deload week, and that's okay by me.

I returned to the gym Tuesday with some Squatting:

Along with 3 x max reps - weighted dips @ 15# (8-7-8)

Wednesday went well, I thought..:

Press 3x5 @120#

Finished with 5x5 T-bar rows @ 135# and 5x5 T-bar press (might be what its called???) @ 90#, no rest between sets.

Meanwhile, the Olympics is happening.  Been watching what little coverage of Weightlifting I can, and watching all of the Gymnastic competition.  Not much to comment on but its all very inspiring.  I WILL say that I was completely disappointing with the rules limiting each country to two participants in the individual all-around.  Jordan Weiber outscored all but 4 women who qualified for the final but was not allowed...what a shame!

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