Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Monday 8-15-11 I'm Back

This will be the first post of my new training log.  I have an old log on the CF Message Boards, however, I would rather run over here in case I say anything that might offend the "thought police" of another message board.  If they block me there I kinda get screwed.

Anyway my interests in training include S&C Programs, Powerlifting, Strongman elements, Olympic Lifting, and all around CrossFitting.  I started working with barbells only 6 months ago and the change has been fairly dramatic.  So far I've lost 30 pounds and added muscle, I look better and feel better than I have in years. 

I'm always looking for new and used equipment so If you have any Pull up rigs, bumper plates, Oly Bars, stone molds etc, etc...let me know.

I had a week off of from training so I could take my kid down to Disneyland and Hollywood, which he thoroughly enjoyed.  Before that I had not taken and entire week off in 6 months.  I felt like a lazy bastard!  I did get to throw down on some In-n-Out Burger, which if you've never had, well, I HIGHLY recommend you try.  I got back into the gym today and thought...what the hell...lets do a 1RM deadlift(DL). (favorite lift BTW)

If you follow Greyskull LP, you'll note that they do not program Power Cleans into their training, unless you use them to warm-up to deadlifting, so I tried this.  First I warmed up with some air squats and "squat tests", a little mobility work on my hip flexors, some dynamic stretching.  Then it went something like this...

2 pullups
45# (the bar) 2x5 Power Clean (PC)
115# 1x5 PC
135# 2x5 PC
225# 1x3 DL
315# 1x2 DL
405# 1x1 DL

Each set had a couple pullups in between for good measure, then I knocked out a couple sets of pullups before heading out to the track/FB field....for a little conditioning:

Warm-up 400m run
Workout - 10x100m sprint (approx) Done on the "flag" football field, goalpost to goalpost, which is around 100m.  I didn't time it or rest for a specific amount of time, the purpose was mainly to begin acclimating myself to high altitiude. (We're about a mile up)  I need to prep to run in my PT test in about a month and passing out from lack of oxygen won't really cut it.  Expect to see a lot more sprinting in the next month or so.

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